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Torc Robotics

Who We Are

If autonomous vehicles are your passion, Torc is the perfect place to take your experience to the next level. You’ll work with an experienced team of people committed to creating safer roads, and your contributions will impact the future of transportation.


A Diverse Team is a Winning Team

Every Torc’r is unique. The traits that define and motivate us to save lives are what unite us. At Torc, we recognize that technical prowess is only part of the equation. Our team includes people with a consistent drive to accomplish great things. We look for those who don’t let ego get in the way of teamwork and understand how to communicate with a diverse group.


Our Core Values

Hungry – Hungry for knowledge. Hungry for action. Torc’rs always strive to learn and do more.

Humble – Torc’rs are humble. We do not lead with egos. We place team success over individual accomplishment.

People Smart – Torc’rs are empathetic, respectful, and open-minded to people from all backgrounds.



Join us and take your career to new heights with a company that helped pioneer autonomous technology.


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