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EquipSystems LLC

Who We Are

Who Looks After the Rolling Stock in Your Hospital? If Your Hospital is Like Most, the Answer Is: No One. EquipSystems cleans, disinfects, refurbishes hospital equipment to keep it clean. We customize services for every aspect of hospital equipment and surface cleaning to supplement existing services. We specialize in pre and post survey service. Our trained staff create instantly visible results. EquipSystems will bolster your internal efforts to help you • Implement an evidence based deep cleaning program for your patient care equipment through ATP testing • Positively impact patient satisfaction scores and perception of your facility • Bolster your infection prevention efforts • Provide documentation to show a complete inventory of your equipment and work completed Dirty, unsightly patient care equipment and rolling stock are challenges affecting all hospitals. Patients, visitors and employees perceive quality of care from their observations., HAIs are a second, major consequence the lack of consistent, comprehensive cleaning of all equipment. . EquipSystems and our Equipment Management Solution manages the equipment that is used by everyone, owned by no one, yet impacts everything. Our deep cleaning program includes: • Removing tape, dried fluids and stickers from the equipment • Eliminating hair, string and sutures from the wheels • Repairing or replacing non-functioning dual-wheeled casters • Lubricating the necessary parts • Disinfecting equipment with a EPA approved Quaternary disinfectant • Bar coding of equipment and recording make, model, serial number, department, facility and date of service • Identifying and reporting on unsafe or damaged equipment for further inspection • Submitting maintenance history and inventory reports to support all work performed * Custom services and projects based on specific hospital needs. Our experts can focus on areas of particular concern .