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Department Of Military Affairs

Who We Are

Directly responsive to the Governor of Florida, the Department operates within the policy guidance and fiscal framework of both federal and state authorities. The Department manages a force of nearly 12,000 National Guard members, including over 2,300 full-time federal personnel, and more than 450 state employees. Together, the DMA and the FLNG are committed to serving the vital interests of the nation, the state of Florida, and its communities.

The Adjutant General, as head of the department, is specifically tasked with (1) the readiness of the Florida National Guard, (2) its response in times of natural disaster, and (3) assistance to Floridians at risk.

Tracing its heritage back to 1565, the year the Spanish founders of St. Augustine organized their first company of citizen-soldiers, the Florida National Guard’s militia heritage extends back into our communities more than 450 years. Whether it was a call to arms during our nation’s conflicts, or a cry for help during a natural disaster, the Guard has been there for Florida.

Today Florida National Guard Soldiers and Airmen remain engaged in overseas contingency operations, are vigilant in preparations to respond to domestic emergencies, and are committed to serving Florida’s citizens and communities.

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