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UX/UI Designer - Military Veterans

at Brightspeed

Brightspeed is looking for a UX/UI Designer to join our team! As one of our UX/UI designers, you’ll join our established design team of UX designers, UI designers, and copy writers within our larger team of highly talented product owners, digital analysts, digital strategists, and project managers. 

Whereas some members of our design team are distinctly UX designers or UI designers, this role requires a well-rounded skillset in both domains so you can provide agility to our ever-changing needs, understand the 30,000’ view of what we’re working on, and toggle between both domains of design on demand. 

As a broader team, we use Asana to operate an excellent project management and prioritization system so our work and priorities are clearly defined by briefs, requirements, and goals, which is a must amidst our fast-paced, ever-changing environment.

As a design team, we have regular, weekly rhythms of gathering and breaking out into individual work, so you can expect a sense of stability amidst the high volume of work that we process. 

For design work, we work exclusively in Figma with our robust design libraries, so you’ll need to be thoroughly capable in the platform, meticulously clean in your working habits, and ready to jump into an established portfolio of components. 

Our success as a broader team is tied to customer happiness and well-defined sales goals, so we operate with a customer-centric mindset and rely on data-backed decisions at all times. This means that we’re passionate about conducting user research and testing, collecting robust data and analytics, and having data-backed reasons for our strategies and design choices.

As a UX/UI Designer, Your Responsibilities Will Include:

You will join our team as we work on three distinct areas of design: our public facing website, our self-service shop and buy experience, and our customer’s account management platform. 

For our public facing website…

  • We receive top-level brand direction from our brand team and brand agency, and then combine those assets, messaging and positioning, and goals with our digital eCommerce expertise to maintain and constantly improve the website with visually engaging experiences.

  • We receive campaign and marketing direction from our marketing team and work together, alongside our digital media team, to develop conversion-optimized landing pages for a seamless customer journey.

  • We collaborate frequently with our own analysts and strategists to assess the effectiveness of our content and designs by running frequent testing, and then tweaking our approach so that we’re constantly learning and optimizing the digital experience.

For our self-service shop and buy experience…

  • Our product owners and analysts inform us daily of our prospect progression rates, conversion rates, and other data points to understand the effectiveness of our current designs, and then we work together to prioritize and constantly improve our work.

  • We collaborate as a design team to stay in touch with modern online shop and buy experiences and advocate to evolve toward those industry design standards with each available opportunity.

For our customer account management platform…

  • Our product owners collaborate with the product management and software development teams to assess the technical health of our platform, constantly assess the user experience, and prioritize needed updates so that the design team can maintain and strategically improve the customer experience.

  • Within this domain, our design team is often tasked with wireframing new experiences to help the product owners ideate and visualize complex solutions, modeling intricate user flows within these solutions, and meticulously designing the final polished solutions within our established design system.

What we need from you to be a happy and engaged designer on our team:

In our ever changing environment, we move quickly and pivot frequently, so a flexible mindset and a friendly, team player attitude is a must. 

We gather, brainstorm, and collaborate often, so we need each person to bring well thought out, proactive, curious, and innovative ideas to the group, regardless of job title. 

As a designer, we need you to think critically about the brief or requirements presented to you, anticipate potential challenges or gaps, and thoroughly think through the potential solutions. 

We also need you to be able to design and illustrate concepts on the fly, using Figjam or Figma, to help the team visualize the discussion at hand. 

We value our collaborative team health, so addressing conflict quickly and striving for resolution is a must.  

Our excellent project management and prioritization system is what keeps us moving together, but that’s only made possible by each member of our team having a self-starter, proactive, and accountable approach to each of our domains. 


What It Takes To Catch Our Eye:

  • Bachelor’s Degree (design, e-commerce, marketing, or related field)

  • 5+ years of experience in a web design role, including a portfolio to show us what you’ve got

  • Ability to generate and iterate ideas rapidly, as well as produce meticulously clean final products

  • Experience developing and implementing brand and e-commerce strategies, as well as past work to show us how you’ve made data-backed design decisions

  • Thorough understanding of design systems and production specifications, along with a willingness to learn the ins and outs of how our design team works and flows

  • Clear, friendly, and patient communication skills

  • Power user of Figma and Figjam

Bonus Points For:

  • In addition to design skills, experience across other domains such as front-end development, digital analytical experience, brand and/or marketing experiences is a plus.




We aspire to contemporary ways of working.

Recognized as a Top Workplace by the Charlotte Observer, Brightspeed HQ is located on the 7th floor of the new Vantage South End - East Tower in Charlotte, NC. We prioritize hiring talent in the Charlotte area, whenever possible, to make it a truly vibrant destination for our hybrid workforce. At Brightspeed, we have roles that are designated as remote, hybrid, office or field-based, depending on the position, business needs and individual circumstances. We also invest in technology that enables our entire team to stay connected. Why? Because Brightspeed recognizes the value of finding the best talent for the job, wherever they may be.

We offer competitive compensation and comprehensive benefits.

Our benefits and paid time off programs reflect our underlying belief in promoting overall wellness through physical, emotional and financial health. Brightspeed offers a comprehensive benefit program, including competitive medical, dental, vision, and life insurance; an employee assistance program; a 401K plan with company match and a host of voluntary benefits. 

Diversity, equity and inclusion are at the center of our grounding belief in Being Real. 

When we bring our authentic selves to work, everyone is better as a result. A diverse team helps us be fierce advocates for more accessible, inclusive and high-quality internet, because we believe doing so promotes equity in the communities we serve.

Brightspeed is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Veterans/Disabled

For all applicants, please take a moment to review our Privacy Notices:  

  • Brightspeed’s Privacy Notice for California Residents

  • Brightspeed’s Privacy Notice

Charlotte, NC


Brightspeed is a brand-new internet provider on a mission to bring more connectivity to America. The company is committed to ensuring that your choice of home doesn't limit your internet options. By building a robust infrastructure, Brightspeed aims to provide millions of homes with fast, reliable internet service, ensuring that whether you're streaming, gaming, or working, your experience is uninterrupted. Brightspeed is quickly becoming the preferred choice for those who demand excellence in their online activities.

Veterans find more than just a job at Brightspeed; they find a fulfilling career and a mission-aligned company. Here are some of the benefits that Brightspeed offers to its veteran employees:

  • Comprehensive healthcare plans
  • Generous 401(k) matching program
  • Paid time off for military training and service commitments
  • Flexible scheduling options
  • Tuition reimbursement for continued education
  • Internal veteran network and mentorship programs

These benefits underscore Brightspeed's dedication to the well-being and long-term success of its veteran workforce, solidifying its reputation as a committed, veteran-centric employer.

Explore and learn how you can be part of a team that's as committed to you as it is to serving millions with reliable, fast internet.

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