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Agency Producer - Military Veterans

at Farmers Insurance Agency Owner Location

As an insurance producer working for a Farmers agency owner, you can assist prospective and existing customers in your community with products and services they need.

Compensation for this position is solely up to the Farmers agency owner, which may include base salary, base salary plus commission, or commission only arrangements. If commission is part of the compensation for this position, the agency owner can provide you a list of applicable insurance and insurance-related products along with the commission rates for which you can be compensated.


Common Responsibilities for Appointed Insurance Producers

  • Network and develop leads
  • Establish contact with prospects and schedule appointments
  • Meet with prospective customers
  • Meet with existing customers to perform policy reviews
  • Conduct sales presentations
  • Solicit referrals

Qualifications for Appointment

  • Must work for a Farmers agency owner
  • Must be licensed in the applicable state
  • Ability to pass a background check

By continuing in this process, I am expressing interest in an agency staff opportunity, and understand that this is not an application for an employment opportunity with any Farmers entity. I am providing my authorization for IdealTraits to share the following information, any assessment results, and any additional documentation (e.g. resume) I provide to IdealTraits to Farmers representatives, including independent contractor Farmers agency owners looking for staff members. This is not an application, but the following information will be collected to facilitate future conversations in advance of any decision whether to proceed with an application to work for an independent contractor Farmers agency owner or for appointment with any Farmers entities. I also consent to being contacted by any Farmers agency owner or other Farmers representatives about agency opportunities via the contact information provided, including by email, calls, and/or texts.

While someone from Farmers or a Farmers agency owner may contact you if you elect to share your information below, we encourage you to review additional information available at

Seekonk, MA

Farmers Insurance Agency Owner Location

If you’re an entrepreneurial minded individual looking to build career skills with the possibility to own your first business, becoming a Farmers agent is one of the most exciting decisions you can make.

Where does your journey begin?

With Farmers, you have a unique opportunity to build, buy or work for an agency.

Build your agency

If you’re a businessperson with a little capital and a lot of initiative, building a Farmers startup may be just the ticket for you. Farmers can help you by providing you with a professional coach who can mentor you as you build a business plan for success. You’ll also be provided with training and access to resources to help you pave the way. Motivated agency owners can enjoy lucrative bonus opportunities as you work to build your business

Work for an agency

If you’re a self-driven, passionate salesperson with a desire to make a difference in people’s lives, working for a Farmers® agency owner as a Protégé Agency Producer may be the opportunity for you. The Protégé Agency Producer Program is designed to provide potential entrepreneurs an opportunity to grow their skills and business knowledge to potentially become a Farmers agency owner in the future, while working for an existing Farmers agency owner

Buy your agency

If you have capital to invest in your own business and are looking for a unique kind of business opportunity with access to a Fortune 500 brand, purchasing an established Farmers agency may be what you’re looking for. By applying your business savvy to an already established agency, you have the opportunity to swiftly transform your new business into a remarkable asset.

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