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Royal Food Service

Who We Are

Royal Food Service is the Southeast's premier distributor of fresh produce and dairy products. For more than 25 years, the family-owned fresh food distributor, Royal Food Service has partnered with customers and suppliers to create more than just a produce company. At Royal, produce is personal. We take pride in the vital role we serve in nourishing our community. Since 1994 when our founders, Craig Fleming and Mark Whitehurst launched Royal Food Service, we have partnered with restaurants, hospitals, schools, and businesses to deliver the freshest, highest quality produce and dairy in the region. Throughout more than 25 years, Royal has grown and expanded to a state-of-the-art 53-thousand sq. ft. warehouse, increased our deliveries to more than 90+ daily routes, and multiplied our Royal family team many times over. Our company doubled in size with the launch of Royal Fresh Cuts nearly a decade ago. Providing customers with a line of premium fresh-cut produce allows us to help chefs, schools, hospitals, and businesses streamline their kitchen operations with high-quality, freshly diced, sliced, and julienned fruits and vegetables. Responding to the demand for increased food safety at schools, Royal Fresh Cuts supplies individually wrapped food products – in mass quantity – that help keep school children safe. Having grown up in the produce industry alongside their fathers, the next generation - Fleming and Whitehurst’s children - are now key leaders in the company and are upholding Royal’s legacy. The Royal team continues counseling chefs to help them stay on top of the latest food trends, while providing guidance and partnership to long-tenured suppliers, farmers, and growers. As a founding member of PRO*ACT, Royal Food Service Supplies unparalleled quality and selection for customers operating small establishments and large purchasing groups.