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Fluke Corporation

Who We Are

Fluke Corporation is the world leader in professional electronic test tools and software for measuring and condition monitoring. Fluke tools are known for portability, safety, ease-of-use, accuracy, and rigid standards of quality. A wholly owned subsidiary of Fortive Corporation (NYSE: FTV), Fluke is a multi-national corporation headquartered in Everett, Washington, USA. Manufacturing centers are located in the USA, the UK, Asia and The Netherlands. Sales and service subsidiaries are located in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Australia. Fluke Corporation has authorized distributor and manufacturer representative channels in more than 100 countries and employs more than 4,000 

Since its founding in 1948, Fluke has helped define and grow a unique technology market, providing testing and troubleshooting capabilities that have grown to mission critical status in manufacturing and service industries. Every new manufacturing plant, office, hospital, or facility built today represents another potential customer for Fluke products.

From industrial electronic installation, maintenance and service to precision measurement and quality control, Fluke tools help keep business and industry around the globe up and running. Typical customers and users include technicians, engineers, metrologists, medical-device manufacturers, and computer network professionals — people who stake their reputations on their tools and use tools to help extend their personal power and abilities.

Safe. Rugged. Reliable.

At Fluke, we’re working everyday so you can do your essential work with confidence. We are driven to keep you safe, help you succeed, and equip you for maximum impact in your industry. Our modern, technology-enabled world works because people like you are at this very moment maintaining it, measuring it, testing it, and improving upon it.

One world—One Fluke

Throughout the year and around the globe, Fluke leads local and regional events to bring community together for greater impact. One example is the WorldSkills Competition, the epicenter of vocational education and training where Fluke engages with students and professionals from around the world to learn and share industry best practices and understand where Fluke can help fill critical skills gaps for all industries.

More recently, as the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the lives and businesses of our customers, Fluke developed a Fluke Resources for Industries in Crisis. The resources available are industry-specific, including communications, government, healthcare, manufacturing, resource and infrastructure, and utilities.

We build extraordinary teams for extraordinary results - We are a team dedicated to tackling the world’s most critical challenges.  Customer success inspires our innovation - Our goal is progress, in the form of essential technology that makes the world stronger, safer and better. Kaizen is our way of life - Kaizen, or continuous improvement, is the foundation of our culture and fuels our passion for finding a better way. We compete for shareholders - We deliver essential technologies to solve the world’s most critical challenges and outperform the market. 

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