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Field Service Technician - Military Veterans

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Our client brings over two decades of experience to the laundry industry and is focused on taking an innovative approach to both the business world and the industry they serve. Unlike many distributors that offer a cookie-cutter approach to business, they are young, hungry for success and constantly changing to align themselves with the most advanced laundry technology. Based in the backdrop of the Great Smokey Mountains, they also understand the importance of environmentally conscience industries; their advanced technology allows their equipment to be top-notch and eco-friendly.

- Are you a mechanical/electrical/systems person and an all-around problem solver?

- Do you like to look at a situation, diagnose the problem and then implement a solution that will solve the problem and make the customer happy?

- Would you like a career vs. a job?

They offer the opportunity for long term learning in a rapidly evolving industry. Are a technician who is tired of the same job day after day and are looking for something more on the go with a new adventure every day. This client has made a commitment to establish top rated laundry equipment distribution locations. This is a position with a family-oriented business with long term growth and stability goals. Your growth potential with this company is unlimited.

This position is so much more than tech support, it is professional problem solving. If you ever thought laundry isn't important, try running a hotel without clean sheets and towels. They provide a vital service that keeps back of the house operations running smooth for hotels, nursing homes and countless other industries that rely on properly cleaned laundry. From mechanical tech support to laundry processing this incredibly seasoned staff will teach you more than you could ever imagine about the laundry industry.

Base salary $65 - $75K

Benefits include:

- A fully stocked, take home service vehicle

- A 401k with matching

- Health insurance plan with vision and dental coverage

- One-week paid vacation 1st year, 2 weeks after year two

- All major holidays off with pay

- New cell phone and a new computer for field support

This job is ideal for someone who:

- Takes ownership, owning your responsibilities

- Makes good decisions that benefit the company and you.

- People-oriented, able to form long-term relationships with co-workers and customers, your attitude and personality will lift the team and keep the customers coming back

- Takes pride in their work, has attention to detail, is customer focused, and hardworking

- Please know that these duties will be performed on the road and in multiple locations

- Electro-mechanical knowledge is a must

- At the end of a long day can find great satisfaction knowing the job was done right

Job 57472

Asheville, NC

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