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Tricolor Auto Group LLC

Who We Are

Tricolor Auto Group (“Tricolor”) is a mission-driven company that utilizes advanced data analytics and technology to advance financial inclusion to a highly underserved Hispanic market and offer responsible, affordable, credit-building loans to individuals with no or limited credit history. It sells and finances high quality, certified used vehicles through its brands, Tricolor in Texas, Ganas in California and Ganas Ya. We are a family brand laser-focused on putting Trust (one of our core values) back into this industry. Tricolor has been featured in Inc. Magazine for 4 consecutive years as one of the fastest growing companies in America. In addition, in 2018 was named Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America by Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2018 Entrepreneur 360 List. Tricolor is always looking to continued to attract and recruit top talent to help us continue on this journey. We continue to innovate on a daily basis with the objective of being most innovative company within our segment. Come join us in this journey! Headquartered in Dallas, Tricolor, together with its affiliates, Ganas and Ganas Ya, under the Ganas Holdings umbrella operate forty retail dealerships across twelve markets in Texas and California, as well as an operational center in Guadalajara, Mexico. Tricolor and Ganas have served 50,000 customers and disbursed nearly $1B in affordable auto loans by using its proprietary model to segment risk. Tricolor truly understands the importance of delivering the best possible customer experience which is one of the core guiding principles that has helped Tricolor stay at the top of its industry.