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Pdc Machines Inc.

Who We Are

PDC Machines, LLC is located in Pennsylvania, USA is the world’s leading manufacturer of diaphragm compressors and hydrogen re-fueling stations. PDC has been manufacturing diaphragm compressors since 1977 for use in the specialty gas, oil & gas, chemical, petrochemical, research and renewable energy industries. Our compressors are ideal for any application where high purity and leak tight gas compression are required. We have developed an extensive line of basic diaphragm compressors and fully automated turnkey diaphragm compression systems with installations located around the globe. For alternative energy applications. We are the #1 supplier of gas compressors for automobiles, bus and material handling fueling market. We offer an extensive line of compressors to meet an array of applications from single sites to full scale commercial stations. SimpleFuel™ is an ultra-small H2 refueling station, qualifying as an appliance. This all-inclusive package includes water electrolysis hydrogen generator, purification system, diaphragm compressor, gas storage and integrated dispenser. Smaller than the vehicle that it fuels, SimpleFuel™ quickly installs in the footprint of a parking space. It enables fuel cell vehicles for locations currently without hydrogen access. SimpleFuel™ includes hydrogen production of up to 20 kg/day. As such, SimpleFuel is capable of supporting small fleets of light duty vehicles and or forklift trucks. PDC Machines also provides turnkey Hydrogen Refueling Stations (HRS). This includes compression, storage, chilling, dispensing, safety, controls and factory certification. The components of the HRS are selected from standard building blocks to meet fleet requirements. PDC’s HRS designs easily adapt to increased capacity as the number of fleet vehicles increases. With sales and service offices in the US, China, Japan, S. Korea and Germany we ensure prompt technical and field support.