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Packsize, Inc.

Who We Are

Packsize International is the award-winning supply chain and sustainable packaging industry leader in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Packsize introduced On Demand Packaging® in 2002. Today, as a multinational manufacturer of advanced packaging systems and automated packaging machine technology, Packsize B2B customers receive a tailored pre-configured packaging system and optimized workflow designed to deliver the scalable performance and reliability needed for highly efficient packaging environments. Our corrugated machine systems, proprietary software, workflow design solutions, and services deliver Right-sized Packaging on Demand®. Packsize customers increase B2C engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty while improving their supply chain and sustainability requirements. Packsize Right-sized Packaging on Demand® solves both the rising price of paper and demand dilemmas that prompt unsustainable shipping practices. The right-sized box has become the preferred choice by reducing the consumption of corrugated and waste through the ability to size the shipping container to the product order.