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MOTCO Police Department

Who We Are


Military Ocean Terminal Concord (MOTCO) is Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command’s West Coast strategic ammunition port. MOTCO is the DOD’s primary ammunition seaport supporting the Pacific area of operation.



The Army’s presence at MOTCO dates back to 1997 when the Army’s 1302nd Major Port Command was relocated from Oakland Army Base, California, to MOTCO and became the 834th Transportation Battalion. MOTCO properties were transferred from the Navy to the Army in 2008 per the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Commission recommendations.

The 834th Transportation Battalion is the port manager at MOTCO and operates the three piers and an Army-owned rail system that connects with major public railway lines.

MOTCO receives ammunition by rail and highway; stages containers, railcars and trailers; and loads vessels with containers and break-bulk (loose items) ammunition. Rail lines, piers, holding pads, transfer facilities, staging areas, railcar class yards, barricaded railcar holding areas and Main Supply Routes are all operated in support of cargo receipt and movement.


Capabilities & Mission Execution

MOTCO encompasses approximately 115 acres inland, 6,500 acres of tidal area which includes terminal piers, staging and transfer facilities, and 2,000 acres of offshore islands. While ammunition is the focus of most cargo movement into or out of MOTCO, the installation is capable of handling general cargo providing it is in conjunction with, or does not interfere with, ammunition transshipment.