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First Responder Task Force

Who We Are

The First Responder Task Force (FRTF) was created to serve those who put themselves in harm’s way. On 9/11, 414 First Responders were killed in the line of duty. The mass casualty of First Responders on that day shed light on the fine print buried in their insurance policies. These policies denied or delayed payments for exclusions such as “Acts of War”, “Acts of Terror,” Hazardous Duty,” and “Line of Duty”, the last two of which could effect First Responders every day. These exclusions impacted a devastating number of the victims’ families.Far too many families are still struggling to receive benefits. This is where FRTF steps in, to do what’s right, providing exclusion-free survivor benefits specifically designed to protect First Responders and their families. It’s the one tragedy we CAN stop from ever happening again. Visit our website to learn more about whether our career is the mission you’ve been searching for.