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Carvana is the New Way To Buy and Sell A Car! A Fortune 500 company, Carvana enables you to browse, finance, trade-in, or sell your vehicle online and from the comfort of home without ever visiting a dealership or haggling with a salesperson. There's a reason Carvana is the nation's leading online vehicle retailer. We've made it our mission to take the pain out of the car buying by replacing it with a hassle-free experience focused squarely on serving the interests of our customers. As one of the youngest companies to ever crack the Fortune 500, Carvana has proven itself to be The New Way To Buy A Car, enabling car buyers to browse, finance, trade-in, or sell their vehicles online and from the comfort of home (or on the go!) without ever having to make a trip to the dealership or haggle with a salesperson. Customers can choose to have their vehicle purchases delivered their front door or to pick-up their new ride from one of our spectacular Car Vending Machine locations. Even more, by cutting out dealership overhead, Carvana saves customers thousands of dollars per purchase, resulting in a better car buying experience at a better value with no hidden fees.