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Bedrock Logistics

Who We Are

The concept of Bedrock Logistics originated in the 1980’s when the founder of Pavestone Company realized the efficiencies to be gained by merging its large internal truck fleet with contract carriers and logistics companies to remove the gaps in Pavestone’s large transportation needs. This was accomplished by forming Bedrock Logistics in 2003 to manage these needs under one umbrella. The success of Bedrock was so great that it began to offer transportation services to shippers outside the Pavestone family, culminating with the decision in 2012 to separate into an independent, debt-free 3rd Party Logistics Provider when Pavestone Company was sold. Since that time, Bedrock has grown to a team of 100 plus professionals operating on a state of the art TMS to utilize its database of over 45,000 carriers to provide efficient, premium LTL, Truckload, Freight Forwarding, International and other services to its customers across North America. Bedrock continues its growth today with the simple concept of delivering more value than the customer expects at a cost too good to expect.