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Field Service Technician - Military Veterans

at RecruitMilitary Placement Services

This is a Monday-Friday regional field service role. The company would like someone to live in the following regions: San Diego, Ca - Minneapolis, MN - Nashville, TN - Portland, OR - Boston, MA. The majority of your work is within commuting distance. You can expect to be home nightly. You may have 2-3 overnights a week depending on how you schedule your work.

You will work in hospitals and doctor's offices, very clean environments. Your work hours are 8am-6pm. You must be able to communicate effectively and professionally with doctors, nurses, and administrators. You will be installing and maintaining the company's retinal scanning laser ophthalmoscope.

The Field Service Manager transitioned right out of the Marine Corps in 2002 into this same role. Example of the growth potential for this role. The role comes with tools, cellphone, computer, credit card, and company car. The company will send you to training for certifications as well.

Base salary, $80 - $85K plus overtime and quarterly bonus. Full benefits, a 401k with up to 5% match.

Job 57683

Boston, MA

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