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Systems Engineer - Military Veterans

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The company is offering an exciting opportunity for a Systems Engineer, who will play a crucial role in providing technical support to project team members, leveraging their extensive experience and judgment to contribute to the evaluation of new technical resources, highlighting the importance of expertise and innovation in the company's projects.

Responsibilities of the position include independently analyzing hardware and software interfaces to optimize computer resource usage and implement modern hardware solutions, as well as actively participating in the design, coding, testing, debugging, configuration, and documentation of operating systems and software, emphasizing the hands-on involvement in critical technical processes.

Candidates for this role are required to have a Bachelor of Science degree in a relevant field such as Systems Engineering, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Computer/Software Engineering, or related disciplines, along with a minimum of ten years of professional experience in systems, software, electrical, or mechanical engineering, demonstrating the company's commitment to recruiting top-tier talent with diverse backgrounds and expertise.

The ideal candidate will possess strong problem-solving skills and be adept at providing assistance to users in system development and integration, as well as proficient in installing, managing, and diagnosing system-related issues, collaborating effectively with manufacturers and vendors to ensure seamless problem resolution and system upgrades, underscoring the importance of teamwork and collaboration in achieving project success.

This Systems Engineer position promises an exhilarating chance to apply expertise and judgment in providing technical support, evaluating new resources, and actively engaging in crucial technical processes, highlighting innovation and proficiency within the company's projects.

Salary $120 - $140K, and full benefits

Job 57574

Virginia Beach, VA

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