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Steam Generation Tech - Military Veterans

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You've been selected as a potential strong fit for a Steam Generation Technician position with processing facilities in Central California, processing over 40% of the California tomato crop production. The company is targeting a candidate with a strong Mechanical and Boiler background and working knowledge of operating, monitoring, mainteains steam, water flow of company steam generation systems. They have a need for this position in their Los Banos, CA facility. This is an hourly Full-Time position with overtime available. Hiring manager is prior GSE in the Navy and looking to add Military Talent.

In the realm of repair and maintenance, this role entails assuming responsibility for the entire STEAM GENERATION system and demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of steam generation equipment and process flow to efficiently troubleshoot problems. The candidate is tasked with executing all necessary preventative and restorative maintenance on various components of the steam plant, such as boilers, deaerator systems, pumps, motors, turbines, control systems, chemical systems, economizers, flue gas recirculation, condensate returns, fire pumps, and other related equipment. Proficiency in troubleshooting is essential, requiring a sound grasp of steam generation theory, fluid theory (hydraulic and air), and the fundamental physics of pressure and temperature. In terms of operations, the candidate is expected to operate all boilers and related equipment, overseeing and maintaining steam, condensate, and water flows. This includes tasks such as starting up and shutting down boilers, conducting basic water chemistry, balancing steam and water flows, responding to upsets and emergencies, controlling costs, and ensuring compliance with mission-critical regulatory requirements.

Benefits, 401k, and bonus. It is a year-round job with a seasonal schedule. Summer there is day and night shift work, however off season is day shift.

Job 57219

Los Banos, CA

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