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Transtioning Army & Spouse Virtual Career Fair

Tuesday, August 5, 2025
11 AM - 3 PM Eastern

RecruitMilitary has held 12 events in Soldier For Life, drawing 2,828 attendees and 599 exhibitors.

Transtioning Army & Spouse Virtual Career Fair

Tuesday, August 5, 2025

Why attend our career fair?

event day
4-7 Expected interviews per organization
2 Expected job offers by each organization
0 Jobs available with attending organizations on the job board

0 Registered Exhibitors

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Our events average over 50 exhibitors, and the list is not final until the day of the event. Check back regularly for additions.

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Event Success Tips

  1. Review the exhibitor list and conduct research to help you engage effectively.
  2. Visit every exhibitor - find the hidden opportunity that might be perfect for you.
  3. Prepare your 30-second elevator pitch for entry into chatrooms.
  4. Make eye contact when meeting via video and confidently greet each recruiter with a smile
  5. Get the recruiter’s contact information and ask about the best way to follow-up.
  6. Within 24 hours, follow-up with every company that interests you.

Well organized and much appreciated. I landed a job from it. Thanks!

Salt Lake City -- Navy E-4

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