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Job Fair at Fort Belvoir

Monday, October 20, 2025
11 AM - 3 PM Eastern
, Fort Belvoir, VA 22060

RecruitMilitary is excited to present our inaugural veteran recruiting event in Fort Belvoir. We look forward to having you join us and help make the event a great success for area veterans and companies.

Job Fair at Fort Belvoir

Monday, October 20, 2025

Why attend our career fair?

event day
4-7 Expected interviews per organization
2 Expected job offers by each organization
0 Jobs available with attending organizations on the job board

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Our events average over 50 exhibitors, and the list is not final until the day of the event. Check back regularly for additions.

Upcoming Job Fair Information

Venue Information

Fort Belvoir, VA 22060

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Before the Event

Event Success Tips

  • Be Prepared: Charge your phone and practice your elevator pitch.
  • Keep an Open Mind: You never know which company has the perfect job for you.
  • Work the Room: Stop by every booth and share your QR code with every organization.
  • Rule of 3: Get at least three company follow-ups.
  • Apply as You Network: Apply to open positions while you network with recruiters.
  • Smile: Be confident. You've got this!

There's no replacement for meeting potential employers face to face. It's better to have a recruiter in front of you who can help shepherd your resume through the hiring process.

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